Betting bank begins on 27/03/12

25 Mar

Welcome to the first ever post on my new JCLaLiga wordpress site. This is an experimental and perhaps long overdue foray into having my own website/personal blog of sorts.

I intend to keep my La Liga previews on the Forzafutbol wesbsite and will use wordpress to offer betting recommendations on anything non – Primera division,

Most importantly, my new wordpress site will be used to keep records of personal betting activity in line with the betting bank discussed on Twitter.  This “betting bank” starts with a balance of £200, allowing the majority of gamblers an affordable starting point should they wish to follow this scheme.

In line with my knowledge of La Liga above all other sporting leagues, the largest stakes will be used on this competition.

I will use the following points system:

1 point = £5

2 points = £10

3 points = £15

4 points =£20

A four point maximum system ensures that any one losing bet cannot cost more than 10% of the betting bank total. In truth, I’d like to operate a 20 point level for goal betting on Real Madrid home games, but that wouldn’t be sensible as the point of this bank is to slowly grow funds and gradually increase stakes.

I’d like to only use one betting company to keep the £200 in one place, but with so many price variations it’s important to take the value, wherever that might be. Idea’s on how this can be done are welcomed.

The betting bank begins on 27/03/12, and the first matches I’ll be looking to bet on are in the Champions League:  Apoel Nicosia v Real Madrid and Benfica v Chelsea.

Until my next post, thanks for reading



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