Betting bank begins tonight!

27 Mar

Evening punters,

First off all, please accept my apologies for the basic look about my site. Quite honestly, I don’t have a clue how to do anything other than add a new post, so bear with me while I work out what I’m doing on wordpress!

Anyway, on to tonight’s matches: As you’d expect, I’ll leave the English league games to other betting guru’s and concentrate only on the Champions League.

Apoel Nicosia v Real Madrid

Of course, I would expect Real to win this game, but given how tight (in footballing terms) Apoel have kept things at home I can’t be confident about the over goals markets and simply refuse to do 90 minutes at short prices . Indeed, under 2.5 seems like a sensible bet and I expect that any trader will be able to make acceptable “green” out of that market should the score remain 0-0 for at least 25 minutes.

However, for my money, there isn’t a solid pre match bet in this game with any value so I’ll either bet in-play or not at all. It’s very, very rare that I don’t offer a pre-match bet in a game involving Real Madrid, but I see no point in betting for the sake of it.

Whatever you choose to bet on in this game, good luck.

Benfica v Chelsea

Put simply and without statistical research, I fancy both teams to score in this game. I understand that this is a first leg and that they are often tentative, low scoring affairs, but unlike the Premier League Chelsea don’t have to make up  a 23 point deficit and can still win the Champions league. Mentally that makes a difference to the blues, and they’ll be aware of how important it is that they get an away goal in Lisbon tonight.

Many punters will fancy under 2.5 goals (around 4/6) in this game and I’m not saying that it’s bad bet or won’t win, but  I expect Benfica to score at home and have offered my logic as to why I think that Chelsea will. Maybe the game ends 1-1 and we all win? We’ll see, but whatever bet you take, good luck.

Recommendation: BTTS at 10/11 for 3 points (£15)


Post match analysis:


Apoel Nicosia v Real Madrid:

Via twitter, I recommended and placed in-play bets of  0.25 points on Real Madrid to score before 60 mins at 2/1 and 3.75 points on Real to win at 1.61 during the half time interval.

Result: Real won 3-0, but didn’t score until after 60 minutes so a 1.75 point gain from this match.


Benfica v Chelsea

I was very confident that Chelsea had reason to and would score in Lisbon, and expected home team Benfica to do the same.

Result: Chelsea won 1-0 so my BTTS recommendation lost us 3 points.

Anything I ca can learn from this? Unlucky to lose, but the “No” option in the Benfica to keep a clean sheet would have been a better option as pointed out by!/z_tips Noted for future reference!


Overall yield: -1.25 points



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